Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Why People Celebrate Navratri?

The reason of celebrating the Navratri (9 days) can be understood by the importance it holds for the believers of Hindu Mythology. It symbolizes the victory of morality over the negative elements. The term Navratra means nine nights, which is a Sanskrit word. As per the Hindu beliefs, during the nine nights, the three different goddesses are invoked including Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga. Indians from different states celebrate these nights in their own ways. Amidst the celebration, the mind can be easily distracted generally during the celebration of the same. Hence in order to bring the so called lost mind to the centre, the joyful silence is witnessed.

Why People Celebrate Navratri
Why People Celebrate Navratri? 

So, you can call this to be a conditioning of mind, which in turn help in establishing the pattern that remain very much conductive to growth. The very first slot of days usually three days are called the Tamasic, while the next slot is called Rajasic and the remaining three is known to be Sattvic. In a human life, you can find all the three elements and man often pass through the same. All these three nine days can be therefore called as a reminder of these things. This is nothing but the awakening of the divinity, which is a the quality of the Divine nature which goes without negating yet could be called nurturing the good skill sets.

Regardless of the qualities you find in the child, the mother is always seen loving the child and similar is the story of Mother Divine. This remains in the form of all types of power support, which together bring out some of the best and diving quality in it. This can really work out when we perform Sadhna and the nine days appears out to be the reminder of the same. Amidst all this celebration and getting lessons of morality during the nine nights, one finds loads of time and opportunity to shop a number of things. One of the best ways to meet your shopping requirement is to opt for the online shopping. If you are based in Nagpur, you have a good news, which come along in the form of, wherein you can explore a wide range of products.
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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The festival of Navratri

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The festival of Navratri

India is multicultural and multi-religious land wherein you can find loads of culture and creed waiting to be explored. One of the major community of this country is Hindu, which constitute around 80 percent of the population, rest include Muslims, Sikh, Christians and others. The religion of Hinduism is not short of festivals and rituals as you can find whole lot of festivals being celebrated by the Hindus round the year. Not just the Holi or Diwali but they have loads of other festival as well to celebrate during different months of the year.  One such festival, which sprawls to the nine days before the advent of winters is Navratri, which is a nine day festival of Hindus simply held in the respect and honour of the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga.

In literal sense, Navratri means the nine days, which is celebrated in India in different days by the Hindus. However, most of the people celebrate these days as a victory days of a good over evil, which is celebrated for the Goddess Shakti. Such kind of adoration to Mother Goddess is called to be very much unique to Hinduism. This very festival also triggers the advent of winter season, which is a time when you find the nature undergoing a number of changes. The Navratri starts with bright half of Ashvin/Ashwayuja in the month of September to October. The nine days ends on the Ashvin’s ninth day, while the 10th day is then celebrated as Dasara or Vijaya Dashami.

In the religion of Hinduism, Navratri is seen celebrating the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura, which comes out to be a buffalo headed demon. She is known to have fought for nine different days and nine nights after she emerged out as victorious on the 10th day. The Shakti Goddess is known to be the nine forms, which is worshipped during the time of wealth, knowledge and prosperity. During this very time, people also believe in getting the source of energy that helps in manifesting in all the non living and living things. Come Navratri, your shopping spree starts, and one of the best ways to shop is to head to online stores like

Monday, 5 October 2015

5 Tips To celebrate Eco-Friendly Navratri

Navratri is among the popular festival time for followers of Hinduism, which is celebrated for nine days long not just in India but all across the world where we find Indians. We find people having gala time during the Dandiya Nights, which goes at a stretch of nine days. People fast during these days during the nine days. One of the adverse impacts of these celebrations is the environment when people use the idols of Plaster of Paris in the water bodies. Also, you can find a number of plastic bags, which hamper the eco-balance of the atmosphere we live in. With the help of following 5 simple tips, you can certainly celebrate Navratri with eco-friendly approach as under:

5 Tips To celebrate Eco-Friendly Navratri
5 Tips To celebrate Eco-Friendly Navratri

1.       Opt for Clay Idols: Rather choosing the PoP based idols, consider choosing the clay ones. The natural clay idols can have less amount of impact over the environment. Clay doesn’t have any kind of chemical pollutants unlike the PoP, which will therefore help in securing the environment.

2.       Consider Eco Friendly Dolls: The tradition of displaying any doll or the Golu during the festive time of Navratra also can bring in environment issues with the use of the plaster of Paris based dolls. However, replacing these with wood, cloth or clay based dolls can help you to keep the environment clean.

3.       Incense Sticks: These sticks are often used for meditation and religious reasons are found out with loads of health risks owing to air pollution. For performing the Pujas, the hand rolled incense sticks can be used for the same as they do not pose any kind of environmental threats.

4.       Prevent Water Pollution: People celebrating this festival are often seen immersing idols in the water bodies. Instead of using the PoP based idols, you end up damaging the water bodies in the cities or towns. It is recommended to either donate the idol for recycling or try out the symbolic immersion.

5.       Eco-Friendly Rangoli: If you are keen to draw Rangolis near your home to celebrate the Navratra, avoid using the chemical colours for the same. Rather, replace the same with eco-friendly options like flour, rice, leaves or pulses.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Online Shopping At Branded Store is Always an Enjoying Experience

Remember how shopping was considered to be a boring experience, wherein husbands used to find lame excuses to accompany their wives. However, with the advent of online shopping, the curse called shopping seems to be turning out to be boon. You do not lose much of your money as you can find loads of benefits while shopping online. Secondly, you do not even lose your previous time while shopping online. With the fast moving and changing lifestyles, the idea of online shopping can be called as the ultimate solution. The online shopping offers simple and quick and interesting kind of shopping experience wherein you can save loads of time, money and efforts. 

Online Shopping At Branded Store is Always an Enjoying Experience
Online Shopping At Branded Store is Always an Enjoying Experience

All the benefits you can enjoy only at branded online stores, which are famous in the online shopping circles and known for their trust and credibility in the market. The fact is there still chances of being taken for a ride and cheated for choosing a fake and forged kind of online store. One of the best features of onlineshopping is that you have the flexibility of shop the products at any time you choose. No need to worry about the closing and opening time of the store. Also, the online shopping can be called as the medium to shop any product right from a simple needle to cars and heavy vehicles, which is only possible with the advent of competitive and reliable online stores. 

In India, you can find the popularity of online shopping has gone up with an incredible pace, which was not the case earlier. Now, you can find any Tom, Dick, and Harry shopping a wide range of products, which fall under this sun. If you are looking for an additional security and safety, consider the online stores, which are locally accessible. For instance, if you talk about Nagpur, then with shopping portals like, your answer to find reliable and high quality products and in case if you are not satisfied, you can easily visit the physical address and find solution then and there. So, next time when you have to shop online, make sure you always shop from a competitive store, which is far away from tall claims and offer reasonable options. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

5 E-Commerce Trends to Be Witnessed in 2015

The previous year witnessed giving stability and branding to the online stores, which mushroomed the last year of 2014. However, in this year, 2015, you see the online shopping idea becoming much mature and tangible, which wasn’t the case earlier. Hence, it is likely to see something interesting and unusual trend of e-commerce in India, let’s check the top five one in this south Asian country:

e-commerce trends to be witnessed in 2015
5 E-Commerce Trends to Be Witnessed in 2015 

1). Buy Grocery & Vegetables Online: 

One of the key trends to witness this year or which we are witnessing is buying groceries online. Thanks to the local and city based online stores like, which give the residents of Nagpur and other cities an opportunity to buy grocery and vegetables online.

2). Mobile Shopping: 

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, internet can be easily accessed via these modern day handy devices. This has made most of the shopping sites go with responsive designs and embarked with even apps, which make shopping a simple experience. With this trend, now 7 out of 10 online shoppers tread online the path of online shopping.

3). Smaller Towns Emerging Faster over the Virtual Market

As the idea of online shopping is gearing up and getting the best popularity in this world, more and more shopping sites covering only their particular city and region is also mushrooming. Of late, with the example of in Nagpur more sites are emerging over the web landscape to cover the target audience of the city, which was not the case earlier.

4). Smarter Support to Businessmen

The online stores emerging in the virtual market simply are not confined to certain products or services but have seen networking with local brands and business community. In this way, the ecommerce companies are able to foster the strength to the local business community, which was affected the worst by the advent of online shopping.

5). Indian Postal System Getting Operational

One of the interesting trends seen in India due to the advent of ecommerce is that the Indian postal department is getting a new life. Now this department is being now used to ship a number of products shopped online, which is really a great trend to be seen in favour of Indian postal system. 

Monday, 28 September 2015

How E-commerce can prove a boon to Retailers

With the advent of online shopping and its popularity over the web landscape, the local retailers or the brick and mortar store has come into a big problem. The sales in the local market has gone down, thanks the number of benefits the online stores render, which has attracted the modern day consumers to a large extent. Now, let’s check the way ecommerce can prove out to be a boon to retailers as under:

online shopping store
How E-commerce can prove a boon to Retailers 

Better Start Early Than Never: 

As the ecommerce is booming, it’s time to tread this path rather than cribbing for the same. There is no doubt to the fact that e-commerce has simply ruined the local language, but treading this path can certainly help in making things better. So, better start early rather than being sorry. Optimize your site in order to market them over the web landscape rather than waiting to see things going from your hand. Start engaging your traffic to your business and with data driven marketing ideas, you can chalk out a proper strategy to market your products or business online.

Adopt The Mobile Platforms: 

The popularity of smartphones and tabs has simply grown in the recent past. The mobile phones are simply doing wonders in accessing the web and as per an estimate, by this year end, the 70 percent of the internet users would rely on the smartphones to access the web. By designing your portal’s design responsive to these newer platforms can work wonder as people visiting your portal would give you a hassle free experience.


With a stiff competition during this age, it is vital for the retailers to find out a proper way from the crowd hence data drive personalization would be the key to winning conversions. As per a study carried out an IT giant called Infosys, 86% customers will feel comfortable when they get a personal message, which can add impact on their buying decisions. With newer techniques and technologies, you can help in creating a personalized kind of environment for consumers to buy while getting the personalised kind of messages online. is one of the best examples to consider for a retailer converting into an ecommerce portal.

Wrapping up

In this way, using the above important three tips, the retailers can reap rich benefits out of the e-commerce platforms. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

3 Buying Tips for Safe & Secured Apparels Shopping Online

If you are planning to buy apparels online, this can be a tricky business. After all you do not get to find the feel of the fabric or try them out the dress unlike the way you do in any brick and mortar store. But don’t worry, there are number of ways you can shop safe and secured apparels online, how about checking the three important tips as under: 

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3 Buying Tips for Safe & Secured Apparels Shopping Online

1). Check your Measurements

Before you buy any dress online, make sure you always check your proper measurements so that you end up getting the right size dress. Take the help of your friend or sibling to note down the measurements of your chest, hips, waist, bust, arm length, etc in order to find out the right measurement. One of the ways to do this is to measure the dress, which perfectly fits in your body. Every shopping site has the size table, which has to be checked before you place the order. Hence you get the idea about your size and then choosing the dress, which is closest to your dress size will help you find the best for you. 

2). Consider a Branded Online Store

Considering a branded online store should be the first preference of any online consumer who is looking out to shop dresses of your choice. Take your time to find out the online store, which is known in the market rather than relying on the one, which is unknown and new. The known online stores will have a higher credibility in the market, which speaks for only authentic dresses. It is recommended to consider a local online store, like for example if you are based in Nagpur, then the online store like for buying a good collection of dresses online is a good option.  

3). Check the Shipping & return policies

There are several shopping portals who charge higher under the tags of shipping, which has to be checked before you add them in the cart. At the same make sure you also check the return and replacement policies, which has to be customer friendly as these can help you in getting the replacement on time without incurring extra charge.