Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Too Much of Discounts is No More Anti Competitive

There is lot of debate heard and seen in the market about the massive discounts being given by the e-tail (e-commerce) companies to the customers. These are termed as anti competitive and terms like predatory. However, what appears to be a battle lost in the market seems to the segment, which is dominating the market with every passing day. Hence terms like aggressive costing and massive discounts are no more anti competitive trends in the market but these are things that are meant to target the competitors. If you talk about the market in the current world, there is a divide seen in the form of virtual and real market. Both are platforms to sell a number of products to the customer.
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Too Much of Discounts is No More Anti Competitive 
As per the group CCI (Competition Commission of India), both the real and virtual market differs to each other in terms of discounts and offers. You can find the buyers weight both the options and then consider accordingly. If the cost of products is increased over the online stores, the customers would automatically shift to the brick and mortar store eventually and vice-versa. Thus the commission came up with the opinion that these two markets are two different entities, which have their own respective channel of distribution of the same product and not two different relevant markets.
Hence the commission and people in the commission feel that deep discounts is certainly not an anti competitive factor for the online stores. The commission further says that the virtual market function in a different way. They have their different pattern of doing business, and things work in a very different manner in this segment. Though the products could be the same but the way of bringing out to the consumers follow an all together different approach, which can render the cost different giving the customers good and massive kind of discounts.

So, if the real market tend to abuse the online market by saying that the former do not follow the business protocol and they are not ethical in their business practises then it’s time to give a second thought. The best way to survive in this current divide of real and virtual market is to start accepting the changes seen in the market and start treading the contemporary means to cater the customers otherwise the business community would turn obsolete in the current market scenario.  

Monday, 24 August 2015

How Online Shopping is a Big Blow To Malls and retail stores?

Come Festive Time and we see loads of offers and discounts being offered by the local malls and retail stores. However, with the advent of Online Shopping and its popularity, the shoppers seem to tread online shopping for their festive requirements. As per reports, the metro cities in India like Delhi (NCR), Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai and Calcutta, have seen a sudden fall of sales during the festive season. Be it the case of Diwali, Christmas or Eid, the consumers from the urban areas now prefers the idea of online shopping only.
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How Online Shopping is a Big Blow To Malls and retail stores? 
The physical stores and the malls are not able to hold on the business, which they were easily able to do in the earlier days despite giving competitive discounts and offers to their customers. The fact is the kind of difference you find in terms of discounts in between online and offline shopping is huge. That’s the primary reason why shoppers during the festive season prefer to shop online rather than going to any brick and mortar stores. The malls and retails stores are now complaining that they are getting more enquiries and less, which is simply the opposite trend witnessed earlier in the market.
As per reports, since last October (during Diwali to Eid), the drop in sales are witnessed from 20 to 30 percent as compared to the 4-5 percent the previous year. The sectors, which have been badly hampered, include the electronic stores, garments, and similar other sections. The fact is e-commerce companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal and offer a huge amount of discounts to the shoppers who now end up shopping the entire stuff not just with ease and comfort but also in half the cost, which they used to spend the previous years.
The fact is despite giving discounts and offers by the local retail store and malls, the local market is not able to compete with the online stores. In fact, one of the stores based at Bangalore offered prices worth 11 cores INR, yet it failed to rope in good amount of response as witnessed over the online shopping portals. At the moment the local stores seems to be networking with the number of online stores to sell out their products or have their websites wherein they are selling their products online.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Top 3 Reality Checks for the Indian Online Shoppers

The trend of shopping online has been snowballed in the recent times. Thanks to the great deal of offers, discounts, and benefits like convenience, ease and comfort the consumers enjoy with this idea. However, before you shop online, it is always recommended to have a look at certain reality checks, which can further help in making your shopping experience shopper on the web. Let’s check them out:
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                   Top 3 Reality Checks for the Indian Online Shoppers                         

1). Online Shopping an Urban Phenomenon

As per several research and surveys, smaller cities though starved a lot for availing the benefits of online shopping, however, slowly and steadily the second class cities and towns are getting connected to the online stores making it a wider concept. So, online shopping is not just an urban phenomenon but has gone beyond the boundaries to make it a happening trend in rural areas as well.

2). Saving Time on Online Shopping a Myth

You may hear the online shopping portal claiming that you save time while shopping online. However, the fact, consumers need loads of time to browse in order to find out the product of their choice. Though the whole idea of online shopping can be free from physical hassles, but the mental hassles do remain. You are supposed to put loads of efforts to find out the right deal when it comes to shopping. The fact is, you need to be prepared all the time in order to shop online. Shop only when you get deals around, rather than doing things out of blue. This will only kill your time.

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                       Saving Time on Online Shopping a Myth                           

3). The Lack of Touch & Feel can be Disincentive

Shopping is a sensorial activity wherein the consumers want to touch, taste, hear and smell apart from trying the products on their own too often before procuring it. However, you may miss out this experience while shopping online. You do not get the physical feel and touch while shopping online, however, there are images, which gives the idea of the same along with the product description. The best way to shop online is to choose only reputed online stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal and for city based shopping, you can consider to enjoy a perfect experience.   

Monday, 10 August 2015

How Shopping Malls are dealing with Online Shopping Portals?

With the advent of online shopping, the shopping malls in different cities in India are facing tough time. In order to sustain from the current crisis, they have become an experimental destination by adding more restaurants, salons, spas, doctors’ clinics and many other similar places. After all with so many online stores in a click on the internet, the number of crowd coming to shop at these expensive malls have gone down. You have more people for window shopping than real time shopping consumers coming down to these malls.  The online stores are not just limited to apparels or fashion stuff but have gone beyond that, which include the food stuff and other things, which made things difficult for the shopping malls.
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How Shopping Malls are dealing with Online Shopping Portals? 

So, how are these malls surviving in the advent of online shopping stores pretext. Well, they have now shifted to some other patterns to stay alive in this competitive market. Now, you can also find the online shopping entering into the next level. Now, you have city based online stores over the web space. For instance, in Nagpur, you have an online store called, which cater a wide range of products. Such stores are becoming the favorite shopping destination for different online consumers based in this particular city. So, these shopping malls are now becoming the part of these online stores.

They have started networking with this city based online stores in order to reach out to their target audience. Hence you may though be shopping at these online stores, but the matter of the fact is you as an online consumer end up shopping from these malls only with lucrative deals and discounts, which are otherwise not possible over these malls except during the festive offers. In a sense, the shopping malls have tried to take resort in these city based online stores to survive in this competitive market. In fact, such city based online stores are becoming the ray of hope to survive the local business community, which certainly include these shopping malls as well. in this way, the shopping malls in the city are able to survive in the market. 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Online Shopping In India: Certain Smart Tips for Secured Buying Experience

Of late, India has gained a huge economic boom. You can sense the boom amidst the consumers as they shift their base from traditional shopping towards the idea of online shopping. As more and more Indians are shopping online, you are supposed to note down certain tips for your secured online shopping. Though there are certain trustworthy shopping portals like or, which can be trusted before shopping online, however, with many new names in this domain, taking certain measurements can help you towards going for a secured buying experience. Let’s check the tips as under:

Check the Link of the Shopping portal
Avoid shopping from any pop up ads or links howsoever you find it lucrative. Always type the site url over a secured browser to visit the shopping site. Do keep in mind to say no to the tempting offers as they can only lead to fraud places, which are there to take you for a ride.

Check the Security Aspect
In order to make sure you are shopping at the right website, always look for the image with a lock sign just at the bottom right corner of the website. This is the icon of safety and security certification, which they have received by the quality groups that are involved in having a check over the online frauds.

Check the Privacy Policy
Are you sure that the shopping site to which you are sharing your personal information is not sharing with any third party for money. Well, better check their Privacy Policy, which speaks about the same, if you find that the seller site is sharing your details avoid visiting the site.

Be Wary of the E-Mails
You receive a number of emails in your inbox, which also include certain shopping sites, which request you check your personal information or enter the same after your shop online. Always check the link and the website, wherein you are entering your personal details just to avoid any online fraud. You can even call to confirm the same.

Secure Programs

If you are buying through your debit or credit cards then better keep in mind you sign up over a verified link powered by a secured software program. Each transaction you do will be verified by the program and then allow you to share your details while you shop online. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What Drives Indian Consumers towards Online Shopping ?

Of late, the boom of Online Shopping has reached to its zenith in India and every passing day, we witness some positive change in this regard. Right from the advent of bigger budget and high end stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon, you also have city based online stores like, which caters the specific online consumers of the respective city, the market of e-commerce has grown leaps and bounds all these recent years. So, one question that props out is, what really drives the Indian consumers towards online shopping. That’s the interesting question to explore, which this post is going to address as under:
Well, in India, the online shopping started with the IRCTC portal, which allowed the online consumers to book tickets for various destinations via trains in India. As it picked up the pace, a number of online stores started popping up in the web landscape, giving the Indian online consumers loads of opportunity to buy a wide range of products. Now, the consumers can buy simple needle to cars and four wheelers online without any hassle or issue. What really drives the consumers to shop online is the ease and convenience they encounter while buying online.

The online store promises that ease, which helps the consumers to buy amidst the coziness of home without getting into the trouble of physical hassles. You do not have to face the annoying sales guys before buying any product online. All you are supposed to do is to find out the right online store, which render you the best deals online for authentic products. Choosing a reputed one like can suffice for any consumer based in Nagpur.
Next factor, which drives the consumers online is the inexpensive deals and discounts, which make things real. The online store running cost is much lesser than the brick and mortar stores. The latter has many things to manage, right from the salaries of the employees to the leasing and renting the space for the shop to many other things, which increases the cost of the products. However, online stores are simple to manage and do not incur all these costs, which eventually help the customers to find good deals online. In fact, there are number of factors, which propel the online stores bringing in good amount of consumers online to shop a wide range of products online.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Trend in Online Shopping in India

Though the trend of online shopping in India started a bit slow, however, it witnessed a sudden surge in the past few months. As per reports, the e-commerce sector in India is likely to grow by 200 billion  industries by the end of 2020. This has simply has added a number of trends in the sector of buying and selling domain in India. All the major and mid level retail brands have entered the bandwagon of online shopping platforms, while the smaller groups are preparing for this transition apart from doing business in the traditional formats. This has given certain trends in the domain of e-commerce of late, how about checking them as under:

Shop from Needle to Car

Apart from buying smaller size items like shirts and shoes, you can even shop bigger size stuff like cars as well. Hence, size is no restriction at online shopping as you can shop any and every product online. You can compare the features and functions of different cars and thus place the order with the relevant sites online the cars of your choice.

Local Online Stores

The online shopping portals are not just restricted to the developed cities like Delhi, Bombay or Bangalore but have entered into the second tier cities like Nagpur, Bhopal, Raipur, Lucknow, etc. Thus the local consumers can opt for their respective city based online store to shop a wide range of
products. For instance, caters the consumers of Nagpur giving them a wide range of products online at unbeatable prices, which are even lucrative than the branded stores like Flipkart or

Mobile Shopping

The online shopping is not just restricted to online portals but have gone down to the mobile apps of the particular shopping portals. For instance, if you take an example of, the owners have put down the website to make the consumers buy from the mobile apps only. Also, Flipkart is also seen treading the same path wherein it will shutdown the website allowing its users to buy only from the mobile apps.

Wrapping up

There more trends, which keep on adding to online shopping, however, these three can be called as the prominent ones. The online shopping has a long way to go, hence the future for this format seems to be bright as no one can wreck things out.