Monday, 25 May 2015

Top 3 Benefits To Tread Online Shopping Path

Top 3 Benefits To Tread Online Shopping Path
Top 3 Benefits To Tread Online Shopping Path
Of late, the idea of online shopping has become popular among the Indian consumers. With a number of shopping portals like,, snapdeal, etc mushrooming over the web landscape, the idea of buying online is picking up fast with every passing day. The fact is there are number of benefits, which you can enjoy while treading the path of online shopping. How about checking the top 3 benefits of online shopping as under:

1). Inexpensive Deals

Believe it or not, online stores gives the best deals when it comes to inexpensive deals, which is not possible over any brick and mortar store. You can avail discounts ranging from 30 to even a whopping of 80 percent discounts while shopping at different online stores. The reasons are obvious, the cost of online shop and any physical store is much less than the latter. Also, there are certain tax benefits, which make the deal inexpensive giving a big reason to shop online.

2). Convenience

Online shopping is a convenient choice. You do not have to find extra time, take your vehicle out and find out a store close to your place to find products of your desire. Online shopping can be carried out with the quickest of time with just 3-4 clicks staying amidst the coziness of your bedroom. No more physical hassles, no more long queue, no more argument or getting distracted by sales guys. You get a complete peace of mind while shopping the stuff.

3). Variety

A majority of brick and mortar stores have limited stock of different products. Thanks to the space constraints, which these stores face bar from storing good amounts of products. However, this is not the case with online store as sky is the limit here. Here you can find any product in wide range of styles, design, patterns and cost. Hence, in this you have another big reason to opt for online shopping.

Wrapping Up

Online shopping is no more an alien concept in Indian market. If you are able to find authentic stores that cater quality products then you are free to enjoy good amounts of benefits, which give enough reasons to shop online.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

5 Safe and Best tips for Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the emerging trends among the Indian consumers. In fact, at the urban places, the idea of buying online has matured to a great extent. Considering the ease and convenience along with other benefits, more and more consumers are shifting to the idea of online shopping. However, while treading this path, it is imperative to follow certain key tips for a safer and better shopping experience.

1) Choose Reputed Online Store

When it comes to shopping online, it is always recommended choosing a reliable and known shopping portal like Flipkart or Such shopping sites are free from malpractices and frauds. At the same time, they will take the responsibility in securing all your personal data intact, which is doubtful at unknown any amateur shopping site.

2) Choose a Secured Site

Before you shop anything online make sure you check for the security seal like the McAfee SECURE trust mark. This will ensure that the chosen shopping portal has been scanned, verified and secured by a reliable third party. Such securities would ensure that the site is protected from issues like identity theft, spam, credit card fraud, several other malicious threats.

3) Avoid Shopping from Public Computers

PCs often save data you enter while accessing a number of sites, which can be later accessed through the cache files. If you are using any PC at your library or airport kiosks, all your browsing history and login details can be accessible to strangers who can misuse the same. In order to secure from such risks, it is recommended to use only your own PC rather than any based at public places.

4) Use Credit Cards rather than Debit Cards

Using credit card is a safer option for online shopping rather than the debit cards. In case if anyone is successful in getting your financial info online, they end up doing less damage, which is not the case with debit card. The credit cards have spending limits, which is not the case with debit cards. Always consider a low limit credit cards to shop online. This will help you to settle the dispute fraudulent charges with your bank for any malicious act.

5) Checkout with encryption

Before you buy anything from your website, make sure you verify that the portal is encrypted its payment section. There are a number of portals that uses SSL (secure sockets layer) technology in order to encrypt info flowing in between your PC and the server of your store, which is generally indicated with the padlock icon and a portal address,which starts with https rather than


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Online Shopping An Emerging Trend among Nagpurites

Nagpur, is among the emerging metropolitan cities in India. With a sizable population and growing number of employment opportunities in it, the city seems growing. Also, Nagpur is known as an important educational hub in Central India. With the growing shift in Technology, the city has seen the transition of adapting several technological changes taking place in the recent times. The advent and popularity of mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets has changed the lifestyle of the people based in this city.  Now, Nagpurites are shifting from the traditional methods of brick and mortar shopping towards the idea of online shopping. Thanks to an increasing amount of online stores like Flipkart or Amazon, the idea of online shopping has matured in Nagpur.

In fact, the city of Nagpur is seen moving a step further by witnessing few competent groups entering into the domain of e-commerce. Now, with online portals like Gandhibagh, you can buy a wide range of products at much cheaper rates with greater availability and faster delivery. Now, you do not have to shop at sites, which take long to deliver your products at your doorstep. As with Nagpur based online stores, you get quicker deliveries with almost negligible shipping prices and with smarter deals, that too for colossal amount of product choices ranging from groceries to vegetables, home furnishing stuff, decor products, kitchen ware, garments, and the list goes on.

The idea of online shopping is seen with an accelerating pace. Thanks to the ease in shopping, wide range of products availability, inexpensive deals and offers and several other benefits, which make shopping a hassle free and affordable experience. Nagpurites are not short of options when it comes to shopping. Amidst all their comfort zone, the consumers here end up shopping a wide range of products with greater affordability and convenience over the shopping portals. In fact, with devices like smartphones and tablets, you just can shop via any shopping app of any particular shopping portal. This means, you do not have to visit the site via any browser rather just click the icon of the shopping app, choose any product and place the order and soon you end up getting the products on time.