Thursday, 24 December 2015

How is Empowering the Local Business Community?

For those who do not know, it is an emerging online store in Nagpur, which has its franchise in other three tier cities like Varanasi, Kanpur and Wardha. The store has just embarked over the web landscape since past six months and slowly and steadily surviving in a tough competition of this modern day business. One of the impacts of online shopping was the local business community, which seems to have gone affected in various domains – lifestyle, consumer item, electronic and other similar categories. People now shop more at the branded online stores like Flipkart or Amazon than buying anything from the local market.
Shop online
Shop Online

This has affected the local business community revenues in a big way. As per one of the surveys carried out by a market research company, the amount of loss in business is around 30 percent, while certain category of products like electronic, fashion, lifestyle and home appliances even went up. The reasons are obvious, the online consumers are able to enjoy a much of benefits, which any brick and mortar store fails to enjoy. This has simply boosted the trend of online shopping. However, with the advent of online stores targeting specific cities like, the tables have turned.
Now, the online consumers of Nagpur are returning back to the local business community, which supports and supplies a number of products. In a sense, this online has started empowering the local market, which was affected by the branded online stores. When consumers of Nagpur are buying from, they will get the same product, which the local vendors and dealer have. Similar is the story with the places like Varanasi, Kanpur and Wardha wherein has unveiled its franchises. Thus in a big way will be contributing a lot for the local business community as well wherein it caters to the consumers.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015 Extending Its Reach Down to 3 Tier Cities an emerging online store is known for its uniqueness, when it comes to catering the modern online consumers. From day the company has intended to target the 3 tier cities instead of taking the initiative in metro cities like Mumbai or Delhi. The company all started targeting the Nagpur consumers followed by other cities consumers like Varanasi, Kanpur and now Wardha. In other words, the online portal is connecting the consumers of 3 tier cities like these with the modern outlets of shopping.
Three city
Three city

Unfortunately, the so called big brands like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal are restricted only to the bigger metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Pune to name a few rather than delivering products to the small towns and 3 tier cities like the ones named above. As said, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; was smart enough to get inspiration from the axiom and have launched its stores for such cities, which the branded stores fail to cater.
So, the consumers from the cities Nagpur, Wardha, Kanpur and Varansi can easily get connected with and shop a wide range of products – right from the ones related to fashion, electronics, vegetables, groceries, fruits, and many more amount of products, which can be easily procured with pocket friendly prices along with loads of value added services including free shipping above 500 INR shopping, better customer service and many more things, which you find here much better than the branded stores.

So, what are you waiting for, go on for a shopping drive at

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Wardha gets its first online Shopping in the form

One of the emerging online stores of Nagpur called is expanding its wings now. With recently added two stores in the North including Varanasi and Kanpur, this city based online store from Nagpur has added another city close to this place called Wardha. Now, the city of Wardha has its own online store called wherein they can shop a wide range of products at this place. The shopping portal, which has embarked over the web landscape, has not even completed its year of inception and it has now three franchises being added in it, which means along with Nagpur, this online store would cater to the consumers from three different cities including Kanpur, Varanasi and now in Wardha.
online shopping
Online Shopping

So, the consumers from Wardha who remained deprived from shopping online from any particular online store have loads to get. They have loads of products to catch with, which include the fashion, electronic items, food products, vegetables, groceries and a wide range of products you find online. Also, the online consumers from Wardha are more likely to enjoy a good amount of privileges, which anyone would love to get.  Online stores like caters the same branded products unlike the ones you can find over the stores like Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Thus the local market, which seemed deprived after the advent and popularity of online shopping at even the cities like Wardha has got a new godfather for them as they can now tap the local customers shopping online. In a sense, the online store has supported the local community as well along with empowering them the best giving all the reasons to enjoy and have good amount of products online. At this store, you get the best of the customer service along with features like no shipping for shopping worth 500 INR and more, good availability of products, a better customer services and many more things. In fact, being a consumer online, at the above citie, you have loads of benefits to enjoy, which come along with greater shopping experience. So, what are you waiting for, go get the best deals online? 

Monday, 14 December 2015

What Lures the Consumers towards Online Shopping?

In the recent time when Online Shopping has simply gone beyond the zenith of its in India you can witness loads of positive changes taking place in this regard. Right from branded online stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon embarking and leading the online stores you can also find the idea of online shopping reaching to the next level with local or city based online stores like, which caters only a specific city. Like for example in the case of, it is targeted to the customer of Nagpur. This phenomenon has simply be seen over the e-commerce portal going to leaps and bounds. Hence one can pose one question as to what the Indian consumers getting attracted to the idea of online shopping.
Online Shopping
Online Shoppings

So, one question that props out is, what really drives the Indian consumers towards online shopping. That’s the interesting question to explore, which this post is going to address as under: As the trend of buying things online picked up, more and more online stores were seen mushrooming on the web landscape. Now, the consumers can easily buy simple needles to huge machines online without any hassle or issue. What really drives the consumers to shop online is the ease and convenience they encounter while buying online.

The very immediate factor, which drives the consumers at the online stores is that they embark with inexpensive deals and discounts to the customers, which the real time stores fail to give. The online store running cost is much lesser than the brick and mortar stores. The latter has many things to manage, right from the salaries of the employees to the leasing and renting the space for the shop to many other things, which increases the cost of the products. However, online stores are simple to manage and do not incur all these costs, which eventually help the customers to find good deals online. In fact, there are number of factors, which propel the online stores bringing in good amount of consumers online to shop a wide range of products online. So, what are you waiting for, go get the best deals online, only at the best online store you have heard so far. 

Friday, 11 December 2015

Online Shopping: The Smart Ways of Buying

The World Wide Web has been in India since past few decades from. However, the concept of E Commerce has been picked up in the recent times. Online shopping is now a growing trend in India, which has made mushroomed a number of online stores in Nagpur. Considering a number of benefits attached to online shopping, more and more consumers are gearing up to shop from a wide range of branded stores like Flipkart or Snapdeal, however, the trend of online shopping has now reached to the next level wherein one can see the local online stores being flourished. The online shopping store like is a classic example to this wherein a Nagpur based online consumers can shop a wide range of products.
Online shopping
Online Shopping

Online shopping has simply become the smart ways of shopping for the modern day consumers for many reasons. Today, the growing competition in the market has made the workplaces tough and tiring. You have to work for long hours under pressure, which gives a very less amount of time to go to any brick and mortar store to shop any product. However, with online shopping, you not just save money but also get the comfort of finding all the products at your doorstep. With local online stores mushrooming even in deeper down to Indian cities, one can even shop a wide range of perishable items like vegetables, fruits and grocery online.  
Hence, you have enough reasons to shop online. All thanks to the presence and evolution of local online stores which cater specific cities only. In fact, the local online stores have also proved as a boon in disguise for the local business community as their businesses have been affected in a big way as more and more consumers today are shopping online. Thus the online stores have helped both the consumers and businesses as well. You have enough reason to shop online and get a good amount of deals, which any brick and mortar is unable to offer. The reasons are simple; managing an online store is much simpler than the brick and mortar store. This reduces the cost of functioning that come along in the form of discount deals, which is not possible to avail at the usual stores.
The internet is also proving to a boon in disguise for many small and medium enterprises, which are joining hands with major Indian online portals to display their products and advertise their services. Analysts predict that in the next 18-24 months, several national brands and retailers will have their online shops ready for B2B and B2C transactions. This indicates that the total number of merchants online would go up to nearly 50,000 and the total number of users would go up to around 50 million. Analysts also predict that the online shopping market could go up to nearly USD $ 50 million.
One way of looking at online shopping trends is examining the figures – air and rail tickets estimated at INR 30 crore (INR 300 million) are sold online in India every day. Already, a jewellery piece sells every five minutes, and a mobile handset every eight minutes, and a car every nine hours on the popular commodity site Another popular site materialised business over INR 5,000 crore through leads generated by it.
Today many Indians purchase goods like books, electronic gadgets, air and rail tickets, apparel, gifts, mobiles, computer peripherals, audio cassettes and CDs. There are more products which are capable of being sold over the internet.
Many people still locate information on the internet, but purchase their products offline at traditional stores. This means that people still are lacking in confidence to purchase products online. This trend can be countered by providing secure sites for transactions, and prompt customer service.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

What Drives Indian Consumers towards Online Shopping ?

Of late, there is a huge boom of Online Shopping, which seems to have reached to its zenith in India. The same trend can be felt in cities like Nagpur as well. With every passing day, one can witness some of the positive vibes and changes in this regard. With the advent of big budget and high end online stores like Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal and Amazon, you can also find certain city based online stores like, which caters the best and specific online consumer base for the respective city. The market of e-commerce has simply grown to its leaps and bounds in just few years. So, one question that comes out is what really drives the Indian online consumers towards the idea of online shopping. That’s the interesting question to explore, which we will do in this post:
online Cutomers
Online Cutomers

Well, in India, the idea of online shopping all started with the IRCTC portal, wherein the online consumers booked their e- tickets for various destinations for trains. As this idea propelled, a number of online stores came over the web landscape, giving the Indian consumers loads of opportunities to buy a wide range of products online. Now, they enjoy shopping online without any physical hassle amidst all their home comfort. They can easily shop a simple needle to cars and four wheelers online without any hassle. What really drives the online consumers to shop is the ease and great convenience they encounter while buying online.
The online store simply promises that kind of ease and comfort that helps the consumers to buy a wide range of products amidst the coziness and comfort of home without actually getting into physical hassles. You are not required to face any annoying sales guys before you think of buying any products online. All you are required to do this to find out good amount of online stores, which render you some of the best deals online for good quality products. Choosing any reputed online store like can really suffice for any consumer based store in Nagpur. The online stores is blessed with certain key attributes, which include the best costs, which eventually really help the customers to find some of the best deals online. The fact of the matter is there are number of factors, which simply propel the online stores bringing out good amount of consumers online to shop a number of products online. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Local Market Treading Online Path to Sell their Products and Services

With the invention of online stores or ecommerce portals, the physical business community seems to have affected the most. As you find the people are turning towards the online shopping world for a number of reasons or benefits they seem to be forgetting the address of brick and mortar stores. This is true to a great extent for products like that of fashion and electronic items as well. However, with the advent of local online store you can even shop for products like groceries and vegetables as well. This is only due to the fact that here you get a hassle free shipping experience along with finding a number of lucrative deals. This has made the local business community also opting for the local online shopping outlets to cater the new age consumers of internet.
Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Considering this e-commence boom, the brick and mortar market is affected the most, which has made the malls and local stores going online way. So, if you are keen to get the recovery from the loss, the online path is being chosen by the malls. This is only due to the fact they want to sustain in this tough and competitive market. Well, with much competition, you can find a number of malls at the local market treading the path of online shopping. If you take the example of Nagpur, you can find the local online stores like coming up to help the local stores to sell their wide range of products. In this way, they are able to find out a good amount of leverage from this idea of online shopping.

Now, if you check the latest Google reports, India is coming closer to US and by the end of this year, it will be the top countries to shop the most online. Thanks the higher number of Internet users found in this country, which has made all the difference. In India, there is a boom time for ecommerce and even a local panwala is having its website wherein he sells his pan to the customers from different parts of the city. That’s the power of online shopping, which the local market is seen taking the maximum leverage.