Thursday, 23 July 2015

All Roads Lead to Battle Bustards II 2015 – Nagpur’s Biggest Adventure Events

Soon the Nagpurians will have their big time to celebrate as City’s biggest Adventure Events – BattleBustards II 2015. With every passing day, the fervor and buzz for the event seems to swallow the entire Nagpur with set of different contests and competitions. This event is organized by the prestigious engineering college- Jhulelal Institute of Technology (JIT) in association with city’s leading shopping portal - Those you dare to participate can win up to the prize of 2 lakhs with their friends in a set of four different events pertaining to certain interesting physical and intellectual tasks.
All Roads Lead to Battle Bustards II 2015 – Nagpur’s Biggest Adventure Events

So, if you love adventure and have nerves of steel then you would certainly not miss this golden opportunity to participate in the series of events, which are all set to be organized as under:
You have the following four venues for the said four different rounds, which are as under:

 Round 1 - Rani Kothi

 Round 2 – Ambika Farmhouse

 Round 3 – Chokar Dani

 Round 4 – JIT

One of the interesting features of this Event is that you would enjoy a vibrant and colorful DJ party at the end of every round. The process of registration is simple. All you need to do is to visit our shopping portal – and directly register after you follow the terms and conditions, which is certainly not rocket science. The gala time you have after the completion of every round organized will be with the presence of the known celebrity and youth icon – Palak Purushwani the popular face or Celebrity SplitzVilla 7. 

In other words, Nagpur will rock as you participate in this event with loads of your friends and of course your family members. Check out details before you lose the opportunity to participate at the extravagant show called Battle Bustards II 2015 organized right on 29 July.  You gonna have some of the fittest fun, frolic and masti with friends and family at City’s Mega Event. Don’t just ask about the events, it is a big surprise for the participants. But Trust Me You Will Have Big Time Participating in One and All!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

How To Get Good Deals Online During Festive Time?

The Idea of online shopping in India has become very much stable in the country. Thanks to the ease and number of other benefits, which the online consumers enjoy with. With too many benefits attached to the idea of online shopping, it has become the most common medium to shop during the festive time. However, when it comes to shop during this time, it is always better to check certain tips to get the best result as under:

Consider only reputed online store

During the shopping festivals it is always better to stick to the known online store as here you can find much better deals online. In order to get better deals and quicker delivery, it is recommended to choose any branded local stores like wherein you can find even the same day delivery and better customer services.

Weight all your Options without any haste

Do not just jump into conclusion the moment you find any lucrative deal online. Rather take some time to research about the deals by checking reviews and feedback of people who have opted for the same. This will help you in finding the best deals across that end up giving only quality products along with features like free shipping and quicker delivery as well.

Use Coupon Codes Wisely

The best way to crack the right deals that come with placing the right coupon codes while you shop. Choosing them wisely and aggregating them can lend you really good and lucrative deals. Better sign up at noted sites, which deal with coupon codes so that you keep on getting them at your inbox and hence use them sparingly as and when required.

Use Online Payment facility for smarter deals

A lot of online consumers still opt for cash on delivery as they fear using their credit or debit cards. However, you do not have to worry about this as most of the reputed sites have secured gateways, which do not harm your online transactions. The GOSF logo can tell you which one has a secured gateways and which one has not. Using credit cards for shopping can give much better deals and offers, which otherwise you miss over the options like cash on delivery.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Your Quick Checklist for Online Shopping

Though online shopping comes with loads of benefits to enjoy but at the same time can prove risky aswell. Hence, it is important to keep a check over certain safer ways of buying a wide range of products online. The following checklist can help you in your online shopping mission; let us look at them to enjoy a hassle free shopping experience:

Know The Seller

Before you buy any product, make sure you know about the seller in well advance. This will help in knowing the fraudulent elements active online. The best solution comes in the form of selecting a
rustworthy online store like Flipkart, or FabFurnish as here you can shop anything without any worry or risk.  Yet, if you are keen to shop at some unknown online store, which gives lucrative deals, better keep in mind to research about them and then proceed.  

Check the Cost

 Most of the online stores would only give you the product cost, while the shipping and other taxes comes at the end when you reach out at the payment checkout page. This can make the deal unattractive; hence, you should have a look at the cost before you proceed for your online shopping trail. Again, a reputed store can have a transparent costing system, which others would fail to have.

Use Credit Cards

You can enjoy dispute rights provided the items are not the same as promised. Unlike the debit card, you will not give others the access to your bank account. You can fight for a return of money in case there is any fraud with your credit card from the bank, which is not the case with the debit card. Lastly, you also enjoy better cash back offers and other deals for credit card, which debit cards to no enjoy. 

Online shopping can be risky if you go callous online to shop things you want at any unknown and unfamiliar names of stores. However, by taking certain preventive measurements as discussed above, you can certainly avoid these and end up shopping safe online.

Friday, 17 July 2015

How Online Shopping Locally Can Help a Consumer?

Online Shopping is the new buzzword in the Indian urbane lifestyle. Thanks to the incredible evolution of internet and its usage in the day-to-day life of a modern day consumer. The idea of e-commerce has made buying and selling products online a reality. People leading a busy life can afford to enjoy the benefits of buying various products online. This has given birth to huge amount of online stores like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. Of late, the idea of online shopping has gone up one-step ahead, bringing out city based online stores like over the web landscape.

largest online shopping store
How Online Shopping Locally Can Help a Consumer?

Let us run through some quick benefits you enjoy with sticking the idea of online shopping locally. 

Festive Time without Worries 

local online shopping portal

Festive Time without Worries 

Come any festival, you remain complacent at home; as you know, you can shop from your favorite local store online with online stores like By remaining amidst your home coziness, you shop anything you need at the local store with the same cost and deal unlike seen over the branded stores.

local online shopping store

Since you get the branded products from the local online store, the cost quoted at the store is often low as compared to the bigger branded shopping portals. The reasons are obvious, these stores function in such a way, which further make the cost low, which allow the deals to be made available at much lesser prices.

 Faster or Same Day Delivery

local online shopping store
 Faster or Same Day Delivery

More often, the online consumers complain is about the long wait they have to consider while getting
their products delivered at your doorstep. However, with local online store more often the deliver products the same day and at times even within one or two hours as well.

Better After Sales and Robust Customer Services

local online shopping portal
Better After Sales and Robust Customer Services

If you shop at local online store, worrying about getting after sales or customer service is futile. You get all the services on time, as the entire store is accessible anytime with all the mode of communication. Hence, you end up getting all the after sales and customer services the best. Thus, you built a much better trust and confidence over the online store you shop.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Local Online Store to Replace The branded Overseas Online Stores Soon

The online shopping in India has reached to a point of maturity, wherein it will witness a

number of changes in it. Though this change would be witnessed in the urban areas but

soon it will be followed by the second and third level cities and town along with the rural

areas as well. One such change would be the shift of online consumers from overseas and

bigger branded online stores towards the local online stores. If we take an example of the

online store based in Nagpur called, then the consumers of Nagpur

has all the reasons to shop at this store rather than the branded names like Flipkart or


Nagpur Online Shopping Store
Local Online Store to Replace The branded Overseas Online Stores Soon

The reasons are obvious, they do not have time to wait that long to get their products

delivered on their given address when the local stores like these can deliver the same

product of same brand and lesser cost the same day or even within one or two hours. The

local online stores would be able to give much better deals since they do not have to worry

about the huge budget on TV commercials and Newspaper ads. With limited marketing

and promotion they can reach out their target audience, which help them to give cheaper

cost for different products. This is where the branded online store lags behind and thus

ends up giving a bit expensive deals as compared to the local ones.

For online shoppers, service has been a big concern for the products they purchase

online. However,  all these concerns and apprehension hold no water with local stores as

they assure the best customer service, which the branded stores based at other cities fail

to give. The reasons are obvious, the local stores rely on the local vendors and merchants

or local businesses community to sell out different products online. Hence the provision to

address the service comes out at the local level only. In other words, the local online

stores are more competent than the other branded store to address the service related

issues for any product than any other branded stores. Hence, very soon you will be find

the city based online stores like winning the battle with the branded


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

5 Key Reasons to Shop at Local Online Stores

Internet has simply revolutionized the ways the modern day consumers shop. The advent of online stores lends them enjoy loads of benefits, however, shopping at local shopping portals is more beneficial than the bigger branded and overseas online stores for many reasons. Let's catch the 5 Key Reasons why you need to Shop at any Local Online Store:

Gandhibagh: 5 Key Reasons to Shop at Local Online Stores
5 Key Reasons to Shop at Local Online Stores

Inexpensive deals, far better discounts at local stores, which is a seldom affair at the bigger and branded stores for many reasons.

No more waiting for long days to get your products delivered at your doorstep. As the store is based in the same city/town hence same day or even 1-2 hours of delivery is no problem.

Big Reason To Shop Provided Your Shopping Bill Exceeds the 500INR.

No Worries for Return or Replacement stuff- Get things done immediately within a day.

Why Worry about Service when it comes Locally!

Wrapping Up

Do you need any more reason to Shop at Local Online Store? For Nagpurians- Get The Best Deals at

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Booming World of Ecommerce in India
Though the trend of E-commerce in India was seen taking up a slow start, however, with every passing day, its popularity in this country is reaching all leaps and bounds. The experts are visualizing the fact that the future of online shopping would remain as the basic parameter for the modern day consumers. The growth of e-commerce has suddenly taken a drastic surge, thanks to the confidence of consumers over this new idea of buying and selling. The online marketers with attractive deals and offers are able to lure the attention of consumers in India. These offers are not just restricted to any festive occasion or some other time but is often accessible round the year.

As per reports, the leading stores in India like Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal, Myntra, etc, are among the top shopping portals, which have together given an adverse impact over the local retail market seeking the attention of good amounts of customers towards them. This is the reason, why even the local retailers are seen networking with a number of these branded online stores to sell out their products. In fact, the idea of online shopping has reached to its next level wherein even the city based online stores are also surfacing over the web landscape. For instance, in Nagpur is a classic example of a city based online store, which has networked with the local business community giving the similar deals unlike the branded stores along with a number of value added services.

Secondly, with the advent and popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the scope for the e-commerce platform has simply boosted up to the next level. Now, by developing a number of handy apps for shopping, these online stores have given enough reasons to the modern day consumers to earn big over the web landscape. As per Google reports, by the end of 2016, the number of internet users via mobile devices would touch around 100 million users. Every year the percentage of users accessing web through these devices are increasing. In 2012, it was 18 percent, in 2013 it was 26 percent and the last year it went to 32 percent.